Science Behind ProBoost®

Proven and Published Results

Independent, scientific studies performed on in vitro cells, animals, and humans have all shown Thymic Protein A to provide significant benefits in supporting and strengthening the immune system by increasing white blood cell counts, increasing T-cell (helper cell) levels, and inducing apoptosis (cell death) in aberrant cells.

Excerpts from Published Articles Demonstrating ProBoost's Effectiveness:

Statistically Significant White Blood Cell Increases

Improved immune activation markers in Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) patients treated with Thymic Protein A.

— Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D., Aresto Vojdani, PhD, Murray Susser, M.D., Cynthia M. Watson, M.D.

Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (article source)

Thymic Protein A: Its Development May Signal a New Tool for Rejuvenating Immune Function

"Thymic Protein A is the most potent way yet devised of rejuvenating the thymus gland in order to strengthen immune function with advancing age."

Life Extension Report - Anti-Aging (article source)

Thymic Protein A May Enhance Immunity

"In vitro and animal experiments show that Thymic Protein A causes T-4 lymphocytes to mature, thereby initiating a cell-mediated immune response."

Nutrition Science News by Ken Babal, C.N.

Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Thymic Protein A

"A daily dose of a mere 4 micrograms of this material can make a major difference in longevity by strengthening the immune system through its T-cell "programming" role. The more T-cells that are properly functioning, the more immune response may be mounted against antigens which are constantly entering the body."

Total Health by Dr. Terry Beardsley (article source)

Induction of Apoptosis by Immune Enhancing Agent In Treatment of Cancer and Viral Infection:

1. National Institutes of Health - Human
"These studies show that contrary to the expectation of enhanced HIV expression as is observed with other immune modulators, Thymic Protein A actually suppressed HIV production as measured by P24 antigen."

2. UCSD - Lymphoma Induced Cell Death
"This study demonstrates that mouse lymphoma cells undergo apoptosis (cell suicide) in the presence of Thymic Protein A."

Studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and University of California at San Diego (UCSD)

The Immunologist Behind ProBoost®

The discovery of Thymic Protein A and its function was mainly accomplished by Dr. Terry Beardsley, an immunologist with a Ph.D. in Experimental Biology from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas. He has spent most of his career researching the thymus gland, and is considered one of the experts on this subject. He is the first person to isolate and purify an intact thymic protein and make it available for consumer use.
Note: Please learn more about Thymus extracts.

Dr. Beardsley is committed to maintaining the high scientific standards which were established in the research and manufacture of this product over the past decade. Additional studies already in progress will expand the range of application of this scientifically proven product.