Immune System Stimulation: Thymic Protein A

Proboost® Direct Featured in Well Being Journal

ProBoost® was featured in an article of the January 2020 issue of Well Being Journal, an international publication exploring nutritional, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

The article recounts Dr. Beardsley's cancer research that led to the discovery of Thymic Protein A (TPA). It also goes into some more detail about how Thymic Protein A helps to support the immune system, especially as we age.

Immune System Stimulation: Thymic Protein A

It stimulates the immune system by programming T-4 cells to distinguish between wanted or unwanted tissues and substances in the body.

TPA can be taken on a regular basis to protect against invading pathogens. It regulates the body's immune system and can also be used in the treatment of any illness that might be the result of a deficiency in immune system function, including illnesses caused by HIV. There is evidence it is beneficial in treating cancer and in offsetting the toxic effects of chemotherapy on the immune system.

ProBoost® Direct, the quality source for Thymic Protein A

— Scott E Miners

Well Being Journal Vol 29, No. 1, January/February 2020 (article source)

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